NY Times: Megan Marshall is Fuller’s “ideal biographer.”

nytlogo379x64In the March 12 New York Times, Dwight Garner writes, “Fuller’s was a great life, flush with drama, and Megan Marshall’s new biography rises to it in ways small and large . . . [It] pushes Ms. Marshall into the front rank of American biographers.”
Garner continues, “She is comfortable with subtle intellection as well as the sweep of history . . . [Marshall’s book] is as seductive as it is impressive. It has the grain and emotional amplitude of a serious novel . . . [I]n Ms. Marshall, Fuller has found what feels like her ideal biographer.”
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“Margaret Fuller: A New American Life” Published

March 12th is a banner day for fans of Transcendentalism! Megan Marshall’s new biography of Margaret Fuller has been published. It has gotten fabulous reviews. Look for Margaret Fuller: A New American Life at your favorite local bookstore. Copies will also be for sale at the “Margaret Fuller in Love” event in Concord on April 5. Congratulations, Megan!

Margaret Fuller in Love

SMFBiographer Megan Marshall takes the occasion of the anniversary of Margaret Fuller’s first meeting with her Italian lover Giovanni Ossoli to give an account of Fuller’s years in revolutionary Rome as war correspondent, hospital director, and romantic.  The event celebrates the publication of Marshall’s Margaret Fuller: A New American Life.

Booklist: Megan Marshall’s “Magnificent Biography” of Margaret Fuller

Booklist350“Marshall conveys Fuller’s ‘passionate intensity,’ ‘unusual intellect and outsized personality,’ ‘expansive sympathy,’ and extraordinary valor as she illuminates family struggles, social obstacles, and private heartache in conjunction with each phase of Fuller’s phenomenal achievements as an innovative teacher, lecturer, and editor . . . How spectacularly detailed and compassionate Marshall’s chronicle is of Fuller’s scandalous love for an Italian soldier, the birth of their son, her heroic coverage of the 1849 siege of Rome, and her and her family’s tragic deaths when their ship wrecks in sight of the American coast. A magnificent biography of a revolutionary thinker, witness, and writer.”

–Booklist (Starred Review)