Under Emerson’s gaze, Marshall enthralled with account of Fuller’s Roman adventure.


Author Megan Marshall read excerpts from her new book, Margaret Fuller: A New American Life at the Concord Free Public Library on April 5. She gave an animated account of Fuller’s years in Rome, where Fuller, already respected as one of America’s leading intellectuals, “crossed the line” from the world of ideas into the world of life-changing experiences in a passionate encounter with the young Italian soldier who would become her husband.

160 people packed the Library’s rotunda to hear Marshall’s account, and lingered for an hour afterward to buy books, meet the author and get autographs, socialize, and enjoy sumptuous Italian-themed refreshments at a reception in the Reference Room. One audience member blogged about his experience under the title “Sex and the Single Transcendentalist.”

The Transcendentalism Council of First Parish is grateful to our co-sponsors: the William Munroe Special Collections at the Concord Free Public Library, The Thoreau Society, and Thoreau Farm: Birthplace of Henry David Thoreau. (Event photo by Deborah Bier.)


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